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Courses Offered - Bachelor of Arts
B. A., Course Structure

A students of B. A., Degree Course will study the following subjects or other subjects and course contents as prescribed by the university from time to time.

Duration of course

The course of study for B. A., degree shall extend over a period of 3 academic years, each academic year is comprised of two semesters and each semester is comprised of 16 weeks of class work,  provided that the student completes her degree within six years from the date of admission to the first semester  of the B. A., degree course.

History, Economics, Political Science,
History, Sociology, Political Science,
History, Sociology, Kannada (OPT),
History, Sociology, English (OPT),

Examination : 3 Hours per paper
Maximum marks  per paper  : 100
Semester - end University Examination : 80 marks
Internal assessment  : 20 Marks

Out of the two Languages of semesters - I to IV of B.A selected by the students, at least one shall be an Indian Language such as Kannada, Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam etc,.  However, in the case of foreign nationals, the requirements of an Indian language maybe waived off by the University.

The student shall be offered the same two languages for B. A programme which she has studies at the Pre-University level. However, a student may opt for Kannada even if she has not studies it at the Pre-University level.

The university may permit private study of a Language by a student if the number of students opting for the language is less-than five, and allow her to appear for the examination inthat language without insisting on attendance, and

A student who has taken admission to B. A - V Semester shall select any one of the following as her specialization stream being compulsory.  Course - I of the specialization Stream selected by the student shall be studied in B. A - V Semester shall be studied in B. A - VI Semester.

Appearance for the Examination

A Candidate should apply for all the subjects of the semester when she appears for the examination of that semester for the first time.
Promotion to Next Higher Semester

For admission to B.A - III Semester, a student shall pass at least 40% of the course of B. A - I and II semesters put together subject to a minimum of five courses ( excluding the courses, Environmental Science and Constitution of India ) and

For admission to B. A - V Semester, the student shall pass at least  40 % of the Courses of B. A - I to IV Semester ( Excluding  the courses, Environmental Science and Constitution of India).

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