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General Instructions
Irregular attendance, indifference with regard to class work, tests and assignments, discourtesy towards lectures, insubordination,  obscenity in word or act willful damage to college property are liable for disciplinary action which includes warning, fine, withholdings of certificates and expulsion from the college.
No student shall enter the class or leave the class without the permission of the lecturer.
Students who are not in the class at the commencement of each period will be marked absent for the period.
Students who have no classes shall not loiter in corridors or disturb other classes which are in progress.
Students of each section are under the care of a Class Mentor nominated by the Principal. They should be in touch with the Mentors regularly
The properties of the college are meant for the benefit of the students. They must be used with care and protect at all costs.
Students should refrain from ragging in any form for which an undertaking is given to the principal at the time of admission.
On admission, every student receives an identity card, which invariably carries her passport size photo and the principalís signature on it. She must present the identity card whenever it is required.
Using Mobile Phone in the campus is strictly Prohibited.
If a student loses a library book, she must either arrange to replace the book within a month or pay double the price of the book.
Class tests will be conducted to assess the performance of the student for the purposes of the internal assessment.
Students must read all the information put up on the notice board of the college.
Parents are required to meet the principal and the class mentor frequently to keep themselves in touch with the attendance and progress of their wards.
The working hours of the college is 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.
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