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KNMNC – Library and Information Centre at the KNMNC Library came into existence in 1965. In the year 2005, the Library was shifted to the Independent Library building inaugurated by then Vice chancellor of Kuvempu University, Dr.K.Chidananda Gowda. In the midst of its excellent setup of academic activities, the Library acts as a nerve center catering to the needs of the students. Research Scholars and faculty members of the commerce and management and Arts and other humanities departments use it efficiently. The KNMNC Library has been shaped as a centre of excellence for academic and research pursuits, keeping it open to the change brought about by information technology. Today the Library is housed in an independent building.

To fulfil the vision and mission of our institution, the beautiful library was established with an initial collection of 912 books and now it is rich with more than 35701 and unique titles of 15500. To broaden and enrich the students’ quality of gaining relevant knowledge, our library is providing more than 51 regional and national journals in specific areas. To reach the student's requirements through providing formal and E-Resources, our institution has invested approximately 1 lakh rupees. To support in gaining specific services in the library, we have 03 different levels of trained and interested staff.

The college library has a ground floor building. Consists of the circulation section, Librarian’s Chamber and digital library. Consists of the reference section with a seating capacity of about 100 readers. Here the students can refer to the latest books and old question papers. The audio-visual facility is also provided. Students or staff can have access to a number of dailies, journals, professional, academic and general magazines. A wall magazine is being brought out through which students can exhibit their talents by writing some articles and cartoons etc.


Books                                      35,701
Journals                                   25
Reference Materials                    10000
Dissertations / Project Reports     1050
Bound Volumes                          300
E - Journals                              N - List
CD ROMs                                  36
Audio and Video Materials            02 
Magazines                                22
News Papers                             11


  Student Memberships

This type of membership is open to all the students who got their admission to B.Com., and B. A., course in our college.

  Teacher membership
This type of membership is open to all the permanent and guest faculty of the college

  Research scholar Membership
This type of membership is open to the research scholars who registered for Ph. D., in our Research Center.

  Administrative Membership
The Library facilities are also made available to the administrative staff of the college. So that they can make use of general books and general magazines of the library.

  Management Membership
The members of the National Education Society may also avail the library facility.

  Facilities and Services

  Borrowing Facility
Document delivery service is being provided for the user community to dissimilate right information at right time to right user for right purpose. The users of the KNMNC library can borrow books for a period of 15 days. Two borrower’s tickets will be issued to students and for Non - teaching staff and can borrow two books at a time. Fifteen tickets will be issued to the Faculty and Research Scholars to borrow the books from the library and return the same after period of 15 days. Users are informed to return / renew the borrowed books on or before due date to prevent the penalty of overdue charges. Special library services will be provided to the meritorious students of the college.

  SC / ST Book Bank Facility - Study Circle
The student who belongs to SC / ST and Other Economically Weaker can avail SC / ST book bank facility. Fair number of text books will be issued to each student for a period of one academic year in the cognitive subjects.

  OPAC Facility
Online Public Access Catalogue facility is being offered to the user community of the college in order to provide first hand information about the availability and location of the reading materials. Users can reserve the required reading material and the same will be issued on queue basis system.

  Photocopy Facility
The library members can avail the photocopy facility within the library building at nominal charges.
Extra book facilities to meritorious students.
An extraordinary boosting service is provided to the students by taking special risk by the library. Under this scheme, the top scorers in each class in a semester will get extra 4 to 5 Books. Our library is providing this service to 50 to 60 students every semester.

  New arrivals Display
Some selected titles of new books acquired by the library are displayed on “New Arrival Stand” for the benefit of the readers.

  Bulletin board/ Wall Magazine (C A S)
For the benefit of the students, information broachers of institutional for further studies, employment opportunities, personality development skills, News Papers clipping etc., are put on the bulletin board. The library has a ‘Wall Magazine’ where the student can exhibit their talents by writing some articles and cartoons etc.,

  Reference Service
The Library is extending reference and referral services to the users of the library. Most of the reference oriented Text books and General books have been kept in reference and active stack area for reference only by the users of the library.

  Orientation Programme
In order to create an awareness among the fresh students of the B. Com and B. A about the proper utilization of the library and its resources and services; to give first hand information about the library and to provide them a closer acquaintance and more familiarity about various aspects of the library system, the Library is being organized the Library Orientation Programme. This programme is an educative and informative and also bridges the gap between the library staff and user clients.

This Programme educates users about the physical arrangement and organization of the collection, its functions and services both traditional and modern services like SWAYAM, CD-ROM, INTERNET & E-Journals Consortium of UGC INFONET - N List.  This programme helps the user community to utilize the available resources, services and facility to the maximum extent..

  Inter-Library Loan
The library used to get some resources on Inter Library Loan basis from other sister concern libraries as requested by our users. The books of our library will be sent to various other libraries on Inter Library Loan as per the request from other institutions.

  CD-ROM Service
This service helps users to collect the entire information about their related topic within short span of time. User community of the Library especially the Final year students can avail this facility. Users can browse CDs related to their subjects which gives the bibliographical information along with abstracts of journal articles, seminar papers, conference proceedings, book reviews, etc..

  Sections and Activities
  Sections of Library

Kamala  Nehru  Memorial National College for Women library provides both traditional and modern services.

          *     Acquisition Section
          *     Technical Processing Section
          *     Active Stack Area
          *     Circulation Section
          *     Reference and Documentation Section
          *     Periodical Section
          *     OPAC
          *     Xerox Unit


The Library conducts periodically the following user oriented professional activities:

          *     Document Delivery and Routine Library Housekeeping Activities
          *     Acquisition and Processing of reading materials
          *     Display of New Arrivals to Library
          *     Current Awareness Service
          *     User Awareness / Education Programme
          *     Orientation Programme to Fresh Students
          *     Display of Books on Important dates
          *     Library Tour for visitors

  Arrangement of Books

The information retrieval system presupposes the organization of information in a systematic and helpful order to facilitate rapid recall of any specific bit of information pinpointedly, exhaustively and expeditiously. The KNMNC library has adopted Ranganathan’s COLON Classification (sixth edition ) for classification of library documents.

  Library Hours

The library will be kept open from 10.00 am to  5.00 pm in all the working days, where as it functions form 10.00 am to 2.00 pm on Saturday.

  Computerized library catalogue

The library catalogue serves as a key to the collection of the library and an index to subjects. This helps the readers to know what books are available in the library

a) by given author,
b) by a given subjects,
c) by a given title etc.

with the computer application to the library operations. The database of books is prepared and bar coded according to “e-lib Software”. The users can search the computerized database OPAC or the traditional catalogue cards arranged subject wise/ author wise to know what information sources are available in the library on the areas of their interest.
Sl. No Faculty Name Designation Qualifications Experience
Mr. Ravi Kumar H N
Librarian MLISc 17 Years
Sri. Narayan V
Attender SSLC 31 Years
Smt. Bharathi. L S
Attender SSLC 20 Years
 Library Rules

• Books and bound periodicals which have been issued out are liable to be recalled at any time, when so recalled they must be returned to the Library within the specified time.

• Readers shall not write upon, damage, or make any mark upon any book, manuscript, or map belonging to the library.

• Erase of any mark of the stamp, label, etc. on a book or manuscript of map belonging to the Library will be considered as misconduct and justification/fine will be charged.

• Any reader observing a defect, or damage to any book or manuscript shall point out the same to the Library Staff immediately.

• Overdue charges will be laid on borrowed books and other reading materials as per the rules if returned after the due date

• No personal belongings including books are allowed inside the library.

• Keep your personal belonging such as bags, books at in the property counter. Not to keep any valuables such as cash, mobile phones, ATM cards, etc in the counter. Library or its staff are not responsible for the loss of any valuables.

• Library Catalogue (OPAC) kept at the entrance of the library need to be used before making entry to the stack area to select the book of your interest.

• Books borrowed on a particular day will not be accepted for return on the same day.

• Maintain silence in the Library.

• Food or Drinks prohibied

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